Alen BreatheSmart F750  HEPA Air Purifier + HEPA FreshPlus + White


Filter: HEPA VOC

Panel color: White

Short Description:

Alen BreatheSmart F750  is the air purifier with HEPA-FreshPlus filters, intuitive smart sensors, quiet operation and best-in-class performance.


- Includes the Allergy, Dust Filter, cooking odors,smoke and chemicals.

- True HEPA filtration removes 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns (about 56x smaller than a human hair)

- Intuitive smart sensors automatically adjust to your changing environment

- Forever Guarantee - unique to Alen

- Coverage: Up to 600 sq ft

RMB 7480





A style as unique as you.



With its thoughtful design, the BreatheSmart F750 is at home in the family room or the boardroom. The modern design features intuitive controls and customizable designer panels to compliment your decor.  Perfect for medium sized living rooms and bedrooms, F750 offers 600 SqFt of coverage on its highest speed.





1. Ionizer

2. Filter life indicator

3. Timer

4. Power/Sleep Mode

5. Air quality feedback light

6. 4-speeds 

7. Automatic mode

8. Lock

9. Handle for easy moving

10. Smart sensor

11. Child Friendly Vent Guard Available






Intelligent performance


BreatheSmart F750 thinks about air quality so you don't have to. Auto Mode intelligently adjusts its cleaning power to achieve the best air quality while maximizing filter life while saving energy and money.


1st Layer

- Pre-filter layer - to trap pet hair and larger particles out of the air before passing through the next layer.


2nd Layer

- HEPA layer - to filter out dust, dust mites, dirt, pollen and other airborne allergens.


3rd Layer

- Activated carbon layer with 3 kinds of deep processed high activated - to absorb smells and odors as they pass through the air purifier machine.




Standard filter for F750 air purifier. Best for allergies, asthma, chemicals, & smoke.

Designed with your family in mind



Its intuitive design, whisper-quiet operation and a lights-off mode for sleeping make it a superb choice for large bedrooms as well as open concept rooms. Child-friendly features include a locking control panel and child-safe vent guard make it THE choice for homes with kids or grandchildren.


Covergae Area (Max Speed) 600 SqFt
Filtration rate Removes 99.97% of particles greater than 0.3 microns
CFM( airflow in Cubic Feet per Minute) Speed 1: 110CFM; Speed 2: 142 CFM; Speed 3: 192 CFM;  Turbo: 231 CFM
CADR 220 (Per Energy Star Test)
Noise Levels Speed 1: 32.4 dB(Whisper); Speed 2: 38.5 dB(light rainfall); Speed 3: 44.5 dB(heavy rainfall); Turbo: 48.7 dB(box fan, medium)
Power Consumption 66 watts on highest speed
Power Supply 220V
Filter Life 6 months
Size  16.75'' x 22.25'' x 10''
Weight 16 lbs






We come to work every day for one reason - to make high quality air purifiers and filters so you can breathe better, feel better and live better. That’s why we created the air purifier industry's first and only Forever Guarantee. We’re in this for life - your life. If you've used your Alen air purifier for personal purposes in China and it quits operating under normal conditions, we guarantee to provide you the same or comparable refurbished purifier with free shipping. 

However, the warranty is only valid in China. Taking this unit to any other country and connecting it to a voltage converter or plug adapter will void the warranty. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you are looking for a product to use outside of China.





- BreatheSmart F750 Air Purifier

- HEPA-FreshPlus Filter

- White Panel

- Quick Start Guide

- BreatheSmart F750 Owner's Manual